What follows are some of her subsequent voyages, some post war, from the personal diary of O. A. Henjum, received from his daughter. He joined G. C. Brøvig while she was still in New York on March 23-1945 [...]
Left New York on March 24 with Convoy HX 346* (Dageid, Polartank, Reinholt (Commodore Vessel), Strinda and Thorshavn are also named in this convoy), bound for Portsmouth and Plymouth, arrived Plymouth Apr. 7. Left Plymouth Apr. 14 (joined Convoy ON 296*, again with Dageid, Polartank, Strinda and Thorshavn, as well as Montevideo, Noreg and Tai Shan), arrived New York Apr. 30, leaving again on May 3 in Convoy HX 354*; in other words, VE Day was celebrated at sea.** Carl Oftedal, Noreg, Salamis, Strinda and Washington Express are also listed. G. C. Brøvig almost collided with another ship in heavy fog on this voyage. Arrived Plymouth May 18, left for Cardiff on the 22nd with arrival May 24. At a yard for repairs until Aug. 4, then departed for the Persian Gulf, passing Gibraltar in the evening of Aug. 9, and Algiers the next day, arriving Port Said on Aug. 16 (went through the Suez Canal at night, taking 12-13 hours). Passed Aden on Aug. 20 and arrived Abadan on the 30th. After having loaded a cargo there they departed for Trincomalee on Sept. 1, leaving the latter on the 14th (having arrived on the 12th). Back to Abadan to pick up a cargo for Trincomalee (arr. Abadan Sept. 25, left next day), arrived Trincomalee on Oct. 7, then left on the 10th for Abadan where they arrived on Oct. 20. After having loaded a cargo they left early in the morning of the 21st for Capetown, arriving Nov. 12, anchoring up the next morning. Armament and pill boxes were now taken ashore, aft gun platform still on board. Left Capetown on Nov. 19 - arrived Abadan on Dec. 10, then left on Dec. 12 with a cargo for Australia. While still at sea they were ordered into Fremantle for bunkers, where they arrived on Jan. 6-1946 (or, it's possible they went there in order to supply the British HMS Anson; the text here re. bunkers is a little unclear). Departed for Sydney on Jan. 8, arrived on the 17th, at which time the gunners were demobilized. Left for the Persian Gulf on Jan. 23, arriving Rasat Tanurah on Febr. 22.